The Role of the Assigned Certifier

MLM Ireland

The Role of the Assigned Certifier

One of the key features of the updated regulations is the new role of Assigned Certifier. The role of Assigned Certifier is a crucial one for all current and future construction projects. The Assigned Certifier is appointed by the Building Owner to inspect and certify the building works and to coordinate the certification by others, including the Builder. The role is primarily one of certification and inspection management, which is an inclusive responsibility of the entire project team under the guidance and control of the Builder and the Assigned Certifier. MLM take the Design Package and from this develop the Preliminary Inspection Plan, upload the BCAR documentation and administer the process. The Assigned Certifier liaises with the appointed Contractor to detail the Inspection Notification Framework in line with the programme and coordinates all Design Team inspections. As an experienced Assigned Certifier, MLM’s own inspection programme is recorded and verified in order that a detailed and robust package is available to Building Control if required.