MLM Group

Assigned Certifier

MLM Group

MLM is an international multidisciplinary engineering and environmental consultancy and Corporate Approved Inspector with a team of 360 accredited professionals and support staff.

MLM provide professional services in all aspects of:

  • Environment Planning and Development
  • Buildings and Infrastructure
  • Compliance
  • Sustainability

MLM Group, headquartered in the UK, were established in 1966 and operate on an international level with a presence in Scandinavia, continental Europe and the Gulf States. As a leading provider of Building Control Compliance and Corporate Approved Inspector services to the UK market, MLM have established an Irish office, MLM Ireland, to provide similar expertise and service offering to the Irish market as independent, third party Assigned Certifiers in accordance with the Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2014.

The MLM Group website can be found at