Sustainability Consultancy

We believe that sustainability within the built and natural environment, together with social and economic sustainability, should run through every aspect of development. We provide clients and stakeholders with practical and commercial advice, design and solutions.

Bioclimatic StudyBuildings and infrastructure have a significant impact on the environment, through the emission of greenhouse gases, the production of waste and the consumption of water and construction materials. Simple, practical interventions at the design and planning stage of a project will have a significant impact upon the completed development. Innovation plays a large part in delivering real value cost-effectively and our approach is to understand the client brief and then deliver solutions which meet and exceed those needs.

These factors can represent a considerable contribution to climate change and other environmental problems both in Ireland and around the world. However, responsible, sustainable design and practice are at the heart of our business and in the technical advice we provide.

Our services

Our services are based upon LEED and BREEAM buildings certification/rating system. We are able to provide a complete service which includes the initial bioclimatic site appraisal and ASHRAE/European energy calculation methodology. Our experienced licensed assessors have global experience on a wide variety of projects and can advise upon all aspects of Building certification.

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